EFS - Equipment Finance Services

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Why should a company finance their equipment with leasing company?

  • Preserve bank lines. Save your low cost funds for things that do not make you money. (Such as cash flow and inventory) Machinery makes you money.
  • Utilize tax advantages. You can take a tax write off either by depreciating the machine or expensing the monthly payment depending on which lease you choose and your accountant's opinion.
  • Hedge your position. “Lock­-in” with a fixed monthly payment for a specific time frame and hedge your position against the effects of inflation.
  • Retain capital. Leasing conserves your capital with up­front cost only being two advanced payments. (Approximately 5% of the cost) Most loans require 20%­ - 25% down payment.
  • 100% Financing. In most cases leasing allows installation, wiring, taxes, shipping charges, and even software cost to be included in your monthly payment.
  • Payment flexibility. Lease payments can be structured in creative ways to meet the needs of your cash flow. We have step leases, 30, 60, or 90 day deferred leases, and seasonal leases.
  • Additional lines of credit. We represent 10 different lending institutions that are interested in lending your company money.