Equipment/Product: Manufacturer

Air Compressors/Dryers: Saylor-Beall

Air Filters: K&B Duct

Air Handling Systems: K&B Duct

Bandsaws/Resaws: CANTEK

Bar Coding Systems: Pillar Machine

Beam Panel Saw: CANTEK

Biscuit Joinery: Colonial Saw

Bits: NAP Gladu, Southeast Tool

Blades: CTD Machines, NAP Gladu, Southeast Tool

Boring Machines Point to Point: CANTEK, Giben, Pillar Machine

Boring Machines Feed Through: Giben

Boring Tools & Accessories: NAP Gladu, Southeast Tool

Cartridge Cleaner: Denray

Cartridge Filtration Systems: Denray

Carts & Dollies: Nutting

CNC Routers: CANTEK, Giben, Pillar Machine

Central Vacuum System for WW Routers: Becker Pumps

Clamp Carriers & Racks: Quick Machinery

Compound Saws: CTD Machines

Continuous Film Laminating Machines: Voorwood

Contour Edgebander: Giben

Converting Machinery: Voorwood

Conveyors: Voorwood

Cross Cut Saws: Pillar Machine

Cut-off Saws: CANTEK, Razorgage

Cutting Machinery: CTD Machines, Safety Speed Mfg., Voorwood

Dado Machines: Safety Speed Mfg., Voorwood

Diamond Tooling: NAP Gladu, Southeast Tool, Voorwood

Door Clamps: JLT Clamps

Door Machines: CANTEK, Pillar Machine, Voorwood

Double End Trim Miter & Compound Saws: CTD Machines

Dovetail Machines: CANTEK, Pillar Machine

Dowel Insertion Machines: Pillar Machine

Dowel Machines: Pillar Machine

Down Draft Table: Denray

Drawer Box Machines: Pillar Machine

Drawer Clamps: JLT Clamps

Dry Transfer Foil Edge & Flat Finishing: Voorwood

Duct Work: K&B Duct

Dust Collection: Aireworks, CANTEK, Denray

Dust Booths: Denray

Edgebanders: CANTEK, Giben, Safety Speed Mfg.

Edge Foilers: Voorwood

Edge Sanders: CANTEK, Opti-Sand

Edge/Arch Shaper Sander: Voorwood

Edge Shaper Sander: Voorwood

End Matchers: CANTEK

Explosion Proof Motors: Denray

Fans: K&B Duct

Feeders/Conveyors: CANTEK

Finger Jointers: CANTEK

Finishing Equipment: CANTEK

Frame & Notching Cut off Saws: CTD Machines

Glue Applicator: Quick Machinery

Glue & Dowel: Pillar Machine, Quick Machinery

Grinders-Knife & Profile: CANTEK, LEADERMAC USA

Haunch Mitering (French Miter): Pillar Machine

Insert Tooling: NAP Gladu, Southeast Tool, Techniks

Jointers: CANTEK

Laser Systems: Giben

Lathes: CANTEK

Lifts: Southworth Products

Material Handling: CANTEK, Southworth Products

Measuring Gages & Devices: CTD Machines, Razorgage

Milling Machines: CANTEK

Miter/Milling: CANTEK, Pillar Machine, Voorwood

Miter Saws: CTD Machines

Mortisers: CANTEK, Pillar Machine, Voorwood


Optimized Cross Cutting: CANTEK, Pillar Machine, Razorgage

Panel Processing Machines: Pillar Machine

Panel Saws: CANTEK, Giben, Safety Speed Mfg., STRIEBIG

Panel Sizing Equipment: Voorwood

Planers: CANTEK

Postforming Equipment: Betterley Industries

Pocket Hole Machinery: Safety Speed Mfg.

Power Feeders: CANTEK

Profile Wrapper: Voorwood

Punch Press: CTD Machines

Radial Drills: CANTEK

Resaws: CANTEK

Rewinders: Voorwood


Roller Coater Glue Spreader: Quick Machinery

Routers: Betterley Industries, CANTEK, Safety Speed Mfg.

Sanding Tables: Denray

Sanders (Specialty): APEX Machine Group, CANTEK, Opti-Sand, Voorwood

Saws: CANTEK, Giben, Safety Speed Mfg., STRIEBIG

Saw Blades: NAP Gladu, Southeast Tool

Saw & Router Combination: Safety Speed Mfg.

Scissor Lift: CANTEK, Southworth Products

Screw Pocket Machine: Safety Speed Mfg.

Sharpeners: CANTEK

Shapers: CANTEK, Voorwood

Sliding Table Saws: CANTEK

Slitters: Voorwood

Spindle Line Boring Machine: CANTEK

Storage & Retrieval Systems: Giben

Straight, Miter, Compound Saws: CTD Machines

Table Saws: CANTEK

Tenoners: CANTEK, Pillar Machine, Voorwood

Tooling: Freeborn, NAP Gladu, Southeast Tool, Techniks

Tube Filtration Systems: Denray

Up Cut Saws: CTD Machines

Vacuum Pumps: Becker Pumps

Waste Conveyors: CANTEK

Wide Belt Sanders: APEX Machine Group, CANTEK, Opti-Sand, Safety Speed Mfg.

Winders: Voorwood

Wire Brush Machine: LEADERMAC USA